Mutant Mountain Boys

today May 6, 2022my_locationWild Wild West Steampunk Convention 5

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The World’s First Old-time Bluegrass Subgenius Gospel and Devo cover-string band. Ol’ timey-whimey, devolved bluegrass and whatnot.
  • Samantha Poole (AZ) – Banjo, singin’
  • Robin Renee (NJ) – Geetar, singin’
  • Dave Orama (OH)- Tub Thumpin’, singin’
  • Princess Wei R Doe (OH)- spoons, washboard, singin’
  • Ruth Spies (AZ)-Geetar, singin’

Begin May 6, 2022 H 9:00 pm
End May 22, 2022 H 11:00 pm
Location Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 5
Address 201 S. Kinney Rd
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