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Metal Shop 101

Metal Shop 101 History In an abandoned steel mill on the shores of the 3 rivers the blast furnace still burns with Doc Rock at the helm Metal Shop 101 rises from the ashes forging out the best in the Pittsburgh rock & metal scene Doc Rock: Bad Boy on the outside, Big Heart on the inside. Doc Rock to the heavy metal scene in Pittsburgh, presents a picture that is far from the truth: arms sleeved with tattoos, Long hair, blue jeans, and a metal band t-shirt. But under that tough, bad boy exterior lives a man with a huge heart and a talent for bringing out the best in the music world. Metal Shop 101 started in a small, local bar called the Rock-A-Bye Café nestled in the South Hills of Pittsburgh over twenty years ago as a regular DJ gig. Doctor Rock & Roll worked as a regular DJ at the Rock-A-Bye as well as doing private parties, weddings, and special event requests from area band members. After a while, local bands started coming in (to the Rock-A- Bye) after practice to have a drink, hang out, and listen to tunes. Doctor Rock & Roll became Doc Rock. The bands started bringing in their own music to be played at the café during Doc’s show and came up with the name: Metal Shop 101. It was like going to school; they were able to hear what other bands were doing and get their own music introduced. The bar has since changed ownership and is no longer a rock bar, but Doc Rock has managed to keep the metal fire burning in the blast furnace. After a brief retirement, Doc Rock has taken Metal Shop 101 to a new level by launching it on , an Internet-based radio station, and keeping it dedicated to local musicians to let them get their music heard worldwide. Metal Shop 101 will stay dedicated to the local and unsigned bands giving the bands the air play they so much deserve! Still to this day the original Metal Shop 101 banner hangs in the studio as a flag for the local metal bands and dedication to them and their music.