The Puzzling Evidence Show

Dr. Philo Drummond

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Edited for the sake of time, topically barren, high-level nearly constant fuzzy real radio on air noise included at no charge. Deranged “edits” segue into a cascade of echoing glossolalic madness, the voicing of lyric ruminations from the free-falling brains of disintegrating personalities. World’s Longest-running SubGenius Radio Show. Starring Master Mixotologist and Show Host Puzzling Evidence Himself, Resident Know-It-All Howlland Owll (Dr. Hal) and SubGenius Overman and chief blabbertologist, Dr. Philo Drummond. Re-re-edited by Philo from Puzzling Evidence’s Original

The Puzzling Evidence Show crew


Dr. Philo Drummond

He is a co-founder of the SubGenius Foundation, Inc., along with Rev. Ivan Stang with a little help from Dr. X. He is executive vice president and chief Slack officer for the Church of the SubGenius, executive vice president emeritus for SubGenius Foundation, and religious cult leader and lead rubber chicken fryer at Generic Business Group, Ltd. He was also the first SubGenius of the New Church (1979+ ) to get the OverMan surgery in Dobbstown to open his third nostril.

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