Team Members



Slack Bot

Slack Bot is Slack Radio's resident robotic host. Check out Slack Bot and all the great music on Slack Radio's music genre showcase, RPM. Every Saturday night at 8PM EST.


Dr. Philo Drummond

He is a co-founder of the SubGenius Foundation, Inc., along with Rev. Ivan Stang with a little help from Dr. X. He is executive vice president and chief Slack officer for the Church of the SubGenius, executive vice president emeritus for SubGenius Foundation, and religious cult leader and lead rubber chicken fryer at Generic Business Group, Ltd. He was also the first SubGenius of the New Church (1979+ ) to get the OverMan surgery in Dobbstown to open his third nostril.


Reverend Ferg

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Susie The Floozie

Reverend Susie the Floozie is one of the most famous UberFemmes of the Church of the SubGenius., With an even more famous pair of teats that usually have prairie squid suckling on them to extract vital nutrients they will need in the evil plan for world domination!