today July 25, 2022my_locationBeachland Ballroom

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A great event celebrating geekiness and insane loyalty to Devo. What has become an annual event in Cleveland, Ohio was as entertaining as ever this year. General Boy, Jim Mothersbaugh, and Ivan Stang (Church Of The Subgenius) talked to the fans about all that is Devo. A gaggle of folks who think about more than Whip It and “flower pot hats” when they think of Devo showed up from as far as Vancouver, California, and Arizona. A delightful journey into the psyche of an interesting clique.

Begin July 25, 2022 H 8:30 pm
End July 27, 2022 H 12:00 pm
Location Beachland Ballroom
Address 15711 Waterloo Rd
Link https://devo-obsesso.com/
Phone 216.383.1124
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