Dreaming In The Right Direction

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In taking your music journey to the next level, what is the best way in selling your music? Below are some pro-tips on how to keep you dreaming in the right direction.

You can never ignore selling your music online because there are a mountain of online stores and streaming services. Traversing the endless online music stores and streaming services seems like a complicated affair when choosing which way to go.  You’ve put your heart and soul into your music so getting the most back sounds pretty good right?

No matter where you go, someone is take a slice out of your pie, it’s unavoidable. But what is avoidable, is how big the slice is…

The most profitable way to sell your own music is by owning a website personally. With your own website there is no cut, you keep it all. Not only can you sell your own music, but you can also sell your own merchandise. The process can be simple or as hard as you want it to be. But fair warning, consumers always judge a book by its cover.

With that slice of the internet that’s completely yours you can control the narrative around your music. You’ll never need to rely on social media algorithms and trends to get your songs heard. Experts agree that fans of music prefer to buy directly from the artist and not from streaming giants. When you have your own website it not only gives you the power to sell your music directly, but also enables you to create a wider online presence. You control the content, you control the information, you distribute to your fans.

Controlling the direction of your music, your audience, your slice, what could go wrong?

A lot can go wrong actually. So much can go wrong that it can really take the wind out of your sales….

Building a professional website is extremely difficult. You can do a WIX site for a buck or whatever, but at the end of the day – it looks like it cost a buck. When someone lands on a great looking website they say to themselves, this looks professional…these people are serious. With everything in your life on top of making music, building a website that looks great with your own two hands is heading for a heartbreak.

If you’ve never built a website before, development can really take a toll on you by causing frustration, loss of precious time and trapping you in a ticket hell. Once that’s over with, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire because when you’re ready to sell your own music, it feels like drinking a tall glass of hot water.

How do you even reach the audience? If there wasn’t enough hours in the day already, there isn’t going to be any free time now. Selling merchandise and not slicing out anything out is great, but again…the time you’ll spend fumbling the bag will wear you down…staying creative has its limits. If you’re late getting orders out, you’re going to have problems…big problems Who’s even making your merchandise and how much are you losing before it even hits the street anyway?

At Slack Radio it’s all hands on deck publishing your own music and helping you stay creative. We can help you do the work…

We can provide what you’ll  need on one page, you don’t need an entire site in the beginning. If you want to go that route, we can help. We can build most merchandise from top to bottom, ship it on time, and reach a wider audience with our own radio station, over a dozen live DJ’s, artists, designers, and access to additional platforms.

The service we’re providing is completely unique, in-house, and innovative. And most of important of all, we’re artists too. Slack Radio prides itself on being run by artists, not suits. You’re going to have an extremely hard time finding all of these services under one roof. 100% transparency is our mission here at Slack Radio, keeping pricing options competitive and affordable is our cornerstone.

Our hassle-free experience is designed to motivate your creativity and keep you dreaming in the right direction.

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